Strymon – BigSky


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Disponible sobre pedido con tiempo de entrega de 2 a 4 semanas.


Clear Skies Ahead.

Plug into BigSky and instantly lift your sound into the stratosphere. The world below you fades into the distance, and you’re elevated into a glow of lush, glorious, radiant reverbs.

To create a reverb experience as natural, beautiful, and immersive as BigSky required tremendous feats of sound engineering and artistic imagination. Using the fundamentals of acoustical science as our beacon, we carefully studied and scientifically analyzed reverb technology from the past fifty years. We faithfully captured the essence of these classic sounds, and forged ahead to dream up our vision of reverbs from the future.


Front Panel: Decay, Pre-Delay, Mix, Tone, Param 1 (Assignable), Param 2 (Assignable), Mod
Additional Parameters: Low End, Mid, Size



While the functionality is staggering, it’s the sounds that make your jaw drop and your playing soar…

It makes us want to write poetry to the soundtrack of its glorious ambience…

Michael Brown. Guitarist Magazine



…a virtual mad-scientist lab for those who are endlessly fascinated with the possibilities of audio signals bouncing off unseen objects—and then being twisted, warped, chopped, and vaporized.

Shawn Hammond. Premier Guitar Magazine



BigSky offers remarkably deep reverb sound designing prowess for those who want no less than the very best in stompbox and studio-grade reverb processing.

Simply one of the best reverb processors available today.

Gabriel Tanaka. Best Guitar Effects