Carvin VX112

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Bold looks with sweet tone
The VX series cabinets are designed to let your music’s passion and detail be heard by your audience and at your recording sessions. Larger cabinet sizes give new detail and body to your tone. Premium grill cloth and thicker sides will give you the stage presence to match your sound. Choose different tuning by using the open back or closed back design. The VX series opens up new tonal possibilities that you have never experienced before. The Baltic Birch design is sought after by top musicians for its sound and roadworthy construction.
Tune able 112 tilt back cabinet
The VX112 is great for vertical (normal) straight use and horizontal in the tilt back position to direct the speaker at you. The added bonus is letting the player change from sealed (closed) back to one port (open) back tuning.  The sealed back produces the classic 112 tone with a smooth and tight low end response. The ported open back extends the low end and boost around 95-120Hz.

VX112 features:


  • Rugged internally braced premium Baltic Birch cabinets ready for a beating on the road.
  • Black grill cloth for a clean look on stage.
  • 100 watt speakers designed for full tone.
  • Remove able back ports for sealed and open back tuning sounds
  • Standard black vinyl or select from several optional vinyl coverings
  • Jack plates feature two 1/4-inch phone jacks wired in parallel to chain to another cabinet.
  • Hand crafted in San Diego, CA.


– Single 12-inch model with tilt back angle side.
– Freq Resp: 72-6.5k Hz sealed, 68-6.5k Hz open back port.
– one GT12 Speaker
– 16 Ohms
– Metal corners
– Metal grill
– Internall braced and constructed from Premium Baltic Birch plywood
– Covered in black protective vinyl standard optional alternate colors available
– Dimensions: 17.5″ wide x 12.25″ deep x 17.5″ high
– Weight: 34 lbs
– Built in San Diego, California


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